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Since 1999, Meta Designs has provided clients with high-quality custom metal fabrication. Working directly with architects, designers, artists, and homeowners, we ensure the finished product meets, and often exceeds, client expectations. Meta Designs is one of only a handful of firms nationwide that specializes in architectural kinetic metal work, large-scale elements of structures that easily slide or lift. Meta Designs also creates modern stairs and metal railing systems that bring a unique and high-end finish to any project. Our portfolio also includes everything from large gates and full interiors for local restaurants to sculptures and small custom jobs.

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Consulting with business owners, Meta Designs helps implement their vision for both interior and exterior spaces, creating inviting places for customers and employees alike.

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Railings accent lines and patterns in any building project. From powder coated to galvanized metal, our railings integrate with your project's design qualities and landscape.

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Meta Designs can create various styles of stairs from spiral to floating that create a sleek and contemporary feel to harmonize with the flow and use of any space.

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Working closely with architects, Meta Designs creates structural metal elements that slide, pivot and rotate  — often huge walls that move with simplicity and ease. Imagine a 600-square-foot wall of windows that open with the spin of a wheel. Meta is one of only a few firms able to create and execute complex architectural kinetics.

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Meta Design's high-quality craftsmanship combined with a unique use of materials and cutting-edge designs have made us a leader in the industry.

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